Makeup Techniques to Achieve a Natural Look

If you want a look that is similarly like your favorite celebrity or movie star, but you don’t want to go to a professional makeup artist because they are expensive, then do it yourself. Sometimes, what it takes is not the skill of an artist, but the sense of style. If you don’t have the time and money to go regularly to the beauty salons to have your makeup done, then do it at home – with your hand and makeup gadgets. Don’t worry, you’ll achieve a great natural look if you imagine, blend, apply, and do it.

Here are some makeup techniques that work – even when you are in the nick of time or with the limited makeup equipments you have. First, you have to visualize yourself on how you want to look – this is the most effective way to start your makeup. If you don’t know how you want to look or what you want to achieve, you’ll never go that far – even in life, this principle holds true. After visualizing, think of the facial features that need enhancing. Second, focus on your facial skin. Make it appear as clear, clean and flawless as your complexion would allow. Begin with the foundation – use products that can make your complexion look smooth and clear. Follow it by covering up blemishes and under eye circles using concealers that matches your skin color or foundation. Then, use loose powder with a large powder brush to remove any shine from your face. Third, add color to your cheeks by working on two tones for a natural-looking dimension on your face. The darker shade is brushed along the cheekbone – letting it fade as it approaches the side of your face – and the lighter shade is use on the apple of the cheek. Fourth, apply a classic-modern beauty eye makeup style for a natural effect that defines your eyes. Use earth tone shades for a neutral effect. Light shade as base, medium shade for the next, and a dark shade to emphasize the eye lash line. Dark-colored eyeliner must be used on the top eyelash line to make your eyelashes appear thick. Black or brown mascara must be applied so you would achieve naturally tapered eyelashes. Fifth, have a classic, clean, and polished lip color effect. Use a lip primer or base for lip moistening and protection, followed by a lip liner that has the same or close to your lip color, then a matte or sheer tone – apply a lip gloss for a last touch, if you desire.

Remember, you don’t want to go around walking like a clown with those dark red circles on snow white-colored cheeks, so make sure that you still have that natural look. Use simple makeup techniques that will achieve great looks. Although professional makeup stylists have their own makeup techniques, you don’t really have to copy it, just learn the basics of makeup techniques, then you can start going.

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