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10 Fashion Pieces Everyone Needs to Have In Their Winter Wardrobe

10 Fashion Pieces Everyone Needs to Have In Their Winter Wardrobe

Our love for winters knows no bounds. There are many reasons why winters truly are the best; one of them has to be winter fashion. So let us cut straight to the chase. If you are looking to ace your winter fashion game this season, here are ten fashion pieces you need in your winter wardrobe.

1. Skinny Jeans

If there is one pair of jeans every girl needs, it is a pair of good skinny jeans. While you can wear skinny jeans all year round, they are particularly ideal for winters. Not only are they super chic, but their body-hugging silhouette allows you to layer additional layers on top. Moreover, skinny jeans are universally flattering and look great on all body types. You can style them with practically anything under the sun. Go the casual route and keep it simple in a long-sleeved tee and a jacket, a hoodie, or an oversized sweater. If you aim for a more preppy chic look, play with dress shirts, cardigans, and coats. As for shoes, boots never fail to get the job done. Skinny jeans are a safe bet; you cannot go wrong with them.


2. Cashmere Sweater

When it comes to sweaters, cashmere sweaters sit on top of the hierarchy. Nothing quite compares to cashmere. It is elegant, chic, warm, and lightweight – it ticks all the boxes. A cashmere sweater may seem like an investment, but it is worth every penny because its versatility knows no bounds. You can style your cashmere sweater with anything on the spectrum of casual to formal wear. Style it over a dress, a skirt, jeans, or tailored trousers; a cashmere sweater never fails to impress a crowd. For the winter season, it is best to layer your sweater with other pieces. You can play with a variety of cuts and fits depending on what fits your fancy.


3. Fedora

Fedoras are a controversial pick primarily because not everyone is a fan of them. Moreover, most people do not associate winters with fedoras; beanies, maybe, but not fedoras. Well, it is time to change the trend. Fedoras just look good, and if they are good enough for celebrities, they are good enough for you. It is best to opt for a suede or wool fedora for the wintertime as they promise warmth and protection from the chilly breeze. You can style your fedora over a chic layered ensemble to give your outfit that extra bit of oomph.


4. Statement Coat

What are winters without coats? Coats are undoubtedly the most used garment in the winter season. Everyone loves coats because not only are they practical, but they are also super chic and stunning. If there is one garment you must invest in, it is a good coat. Coats come in a wide selection of lengths, cuts, and colors; the final selection depends on what caters to your everyday needs and, obviously, your personal preference. Dress to impress and turn heads with a statement coat this winter season. We recommend opting for a long coat as it is the most practical and versatile. Play with colors if you are feeling adventurous. Instead of gravitating towards the usual brown and black, perhaps try your luck with an earthy maroon number or something bolder like a bright green number or a yellow coat. If you adore prints, try your luck with plaid or florals for a standout look.


5. Knee-High Boots

Boots are a staple item in every girl’s closet. They look fantastic, versatile, and super practical; what’s not to love about them? While we love ankle boots, the winter season calls for something a little extra, like knee-high boots. Knee-high boots are more than just an accessory – they are a fashion statement. When you wear knee-high boots, you know all eyes are going to be on you. If you want to impress a crowd this winter, go big and go bold with knee-high boots. Style your knee-high boots with a knit dress and a leather jacket, a pair of skinny jeans, and a casual oversized jumper, or go glam with a skirt and a blouse.


6. Knit Dress

Dresses are an essential wardrobe item for us all – they are just so versatile and easy to work with. Dresses come in an assortment of fabrics ranging from cotton to chiffon. Unless you wish to be frostbitten, you cannot wear light fabrics during the chilly season. For the wintertime, the best dresses to work with are knit dresses. Knit dresses are super chic and cozy. They can be styled with a pair of tights and ankle boots, knee-high boots, and a bomber jacket, or on their own with a long coat and sneakers.


7. Blanket Wrap Scarf

Scarves are a god-sent. They are elegant, practical, and add so much character to an otherwise basic ensemble. For the wintertime, we have the best recommendation for you: blanket wrap scarves. How many times have you wanted to leave the house with your blanket? Well, now your dreams have turned into reality. Blanket wrap scarves are soft, plush, and cozy. In addition, they are super fashionable – the bigger, the better. Throw it over your shoulder casually, wrap it around your neck, or cover yourself in its entirety. Regardless of how you style them, blanket scarves just look great.


8. Turtleneck Top

Turtlenecks deserve so much more love and attention. If there is a garment that personifies winters, it is the humble turtleneck top. Snug and warm yet super fashionable and sophisticated, a turtleneck top is the easiest garment to style. Pair it with a midi skirt, jeans, tailored trousers, bell bottoms, leather pants, or under a dress if that is the vibe you are going for. Layer your turtleneck with a coat, a leather jacket, or a cardigan. We can go on and on – just do yourself a favor and get a turtleneck top.


9. Leather Jacket


Leather jackets need no formal introduction. Everyone knows them and loves them. They have been around for years, and they do not plan on going anywhere. While leather jackets are suitable for all-year-round wear, they are particularly great for the winter season. Just like coat, you can style your leather jacket over anything from a pair of jeans and tee to a dress. Moreover, you can layer it with other pieces to curate a custom ensemble. Leather jackets come in a variety of cuts and colors. From the minimal bomber jacket to the outgoing fringed number, there is something for everyone. Similarly, you can find any color under the sun when it comes to leather jackets. From black and brown jackets to yellow and pink leather jackets, find a color that vibes best with your style aesthetic and personality. Transform every basic ensemble into a work of art with a leather jacket this winter season.

10. Ankle Boots

Shoes are more than just an accessory. The right pair of shoes can elevate your look from zero to a hundred, whereas the wrong pair can ruin a perfectly good ensemble. If there is one pair of shoes that you need this winter season, it is a pair of ankle boots. Ankle boots are a perennial wardrobe staple. They are supremely stylish, effortlessly versatile, and timelessly relevant – this is one investment that will not go to waste. Style your ankle boots with literally anything, and they will pull your look together in a heartbeat.


Parting thoughts

Winter fashion is very forgiving because you have so many options to work with. So if you have been on the fence about trying new things, this is the perfect time to do so. Get your hands on these ten fashion pieces and transform your winter wardrobe.

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10 Fashion Pieces Everyone Needs to Have In Their Winter Wardrobe Our love for winters knows no bounds. There are