Why Custom Blend Makeup?

Do you trouble finding your perfect makeup match? Have you wasted hundreds of dollars on foundations and powders that missed the mark? Do you have a drawer filled with partially used products that you can’t return? Have you found a foundation with a great formula but the color is off or visa versa? Do you find yourself buying two foundation colors to mix each day? If any of these sound familiar, Custom Blend Foundation may be right for you.

With Custom Blend Foundation we can create full sized jars of liquid, cream, and powder to your exact specifications. Whether you prefer a lightweight tinted moisturizer, full coverage cream, or loose setting powder, I blend it just for your unique needs. The Custom Blend program I offer is made of the highest quality minerals & ingredients, fantastic for even the most sensitive of skins. Custom blend products are healthy and even healing to the skin, making it ideal for the health conscious client.

My Beauty Services

Virtual Custome Blend Cosmetics

$10/30 min

Virtual Custom Blend Consult

This is the first step in the virtual custom blend process so we can discuss your desired formula and the virtual process.

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Custom Blend Appointment

During this session, we will discuss your desired formula, you will swatch the base colors I’ve sent you and I will blend your foundation right before your eyes. This appointment is included with the purchase of the foundation.

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$0/30 min

Custom Blend Follow-up

This is the final step in the virtual process. During this session, we will check the match, texture, coverage and feel of your custom blend product before I send you your full bottle.

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Our comprehensive survey allows trained consultants to determine your exact skin tone and under tone so that your Custom Blend Foundation seamlessly melts into your skin.

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Morre Services We Offer


Custom Skincare Routine

Take the Custom Skin Quiz to create a custom skincare routine with products personalized for your skin type and goals!

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Try On Looks Virtually

Find the perfect shade just for you with the Motives® Virtual Try On feature. This revolutionary technology allows you to experience a true-to-life, real-time makeover experience. Upload a selfie or utilize a photo of a model with a similar skin tone to virtually “try on” shades of various Motives cosmetics.

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Find Your Flawless Match

Get ready for the perfect, “your skin, but flawless” finish. Motives Flawless Face Stick Foundation comes in 19 creamy, conditioning shades. Take the quiz to find your flawless match!

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Pro Salon Consulting Services

I offer Salon Comprehensive Product Collections for Pro-Accounts, Services, customized Cosmetics & Skin Care Solutions for Salon & Beauty Professionals.