How to Apply Makeup for a More Polished Look

Would you want to walk down the street or stroll the mall with a poorly blended and off-colored match face? Would you be comfortable facing others – clients, friends, and strangers – when your face looks too shiny and there are dark circles and blemishes on your face? Obviously, you won’t. These things can be avoided when you know how to prepare, start, and work on your makeup. If you don’t want to have these undesired results and if you don’t want uncomfortable scenarios, avoid going out when you know that you didn’t apply makeup the way it should be. You will either look like a zombie or look like a circus clown.

Before you apply makeup, make sure that you have already prepared yourself, your face, and your things. You have to know what’s best for you – there are so many products displayed in the market that you’ll get dizzy just by looking at it. To help you with choosing the right product for you, figure out what’s the best one for you – it may not be effective for the others, but it is just perfect for you – because people vary in skin types and tones. Once you have settled on the right makeup for you, it’s now time to decide on what to do first – how will you apply makeup that will not ruin your face, your day, and your time. Professional makeup artists vary on their recommendations on the first step – it is because the technique can only be mastered when you already know the occasion, the skin needs, and the desired results – it is your needs that will help you decide on what to do first.

Although the steps and application process vary depending on what the makeup is for, there’s a general procedure that most people practice – which is very practicable and reasonable. When you apply makeup, you have to apply the foundation first and then followed by the concealer. The reason individuals commonly practice this step is the concept of: less is truly more. When you apply makeup in this sequence, it’s likely that you’ll use less makeup. It’s because the rest of the makeup application is powder-based. The foundation and concealer will work as the base where the other powder products will hold or cling to.

Careful and meticulous observation must be done when you apply makeup products on your delicate facial skin. Here are some simple steps on how to proceed. Choose the right foundation for your skin type – it must be appropriate to your skin tone. The foundation must be evenly spread on the face – and because there are a variety of facial needs, the range in how much one applies also differs. Applying a concealer is somehow the same as applying a foundation, the difference is that a concealer covers the facial blemishes. After this, use a large powder brush to evenly scatter the powder on the contours of the faces. Then, you can follow the rest of the makeup application.

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